When you choose Shine Construction Ltd for your chimney refurbishment project, you are choosing our many years of experience and attention to detail. We have the knowledge and experience needed to solve most masonry issues, while using the latest techniques and equipment to prevent common masonry mistakes made by lesser qualified companies.

Our chimney refurbishment service begins with a careful inspection of your chimney from top to bottom. We document our findings to allow for a more accurate diagnosis and estimate.

At Shine Construction Ltd, we believe in doing the job right the first time with integrity and professionalism. This ensures that any future problems are avoided, saving you money.

Benefits of Shine Construction Ltd Repointing & Chimney Refurbishment Services

-Poly fibers mixed in concrete to create a web of protection and prevent shrinkage cracks.
-Ladder wire cage used to increase tensile strength.
-Back beveled overhang on concrete caps to prevent water from wicking back to brick face.
-Breathable sealer applied to all masonry surfaces.
-Thoroughly clean and protect your residence.


At Shine Construction Ltd, we take special care to ensure that our repointing offers the highest quality and longest lasting results for your home. We grind out all of the old, eroding mortar in your brick and inspect the eroded area thoroughly to ensure the remaining brick and mortar are still in good condition. Then, we closely match the new mortar color to the mortar in place to ensure the finished result meets your expectations.

With a focus on mortar integrity and thickness, we can ensure our customers a much longer life span of the finished work. Our team of mortar specialists put safety first to minimize the possibility of injury from falling bricks, mortar or other debris.