Whether you choose sandstone, slate, granite or marble, stone is a building material that is long lasting and durable and that can add both beauty and value to your home. Being a natural product, the stone you choose for your next project will have a wide range of unique markings that will create a truly custom look in your home.
Stone can inviting, elemental and practical and its timeless appeal will make your home stand out. The experienced masonry professionals at Shine Construction Ltd can install real stone to your specifications and design and build your project to suit your needs and make your vision a reality.

Full-Service Installation

Shine Construction Ltd offers full service installation of a wide range of real stone products. We have access to some of Canada’s leading commercial and residential stone suppliers and that means that we can create just about any look you want. Our experienced craftsman use the latest techniques and modern equipment to complete your project safely, professionally and affordably. Using your specifications and deadlines, Shine Construction Ltd will complete your project, exceeding your every expectation.
With Shine Construction Ltd, you will always get the highest levels of service and support and we work hard to create lasting relationships that are built on trust and transparency.

Stone Restoration

From time to time, even stone structures will need maintenance and repair. If you notice that your stone walls, foundations or other structures have cracks, are wearing away or are damaged, this could create a safety hazard. Contact Shine Construction Ltd and let us help keep your home and your family safer by repairing or restoring your real stone structures today! Repairing problems when they’re small will prevent them from becoming much larger problems later.

Complete Real Stone Restoration

-Scratch & Chip Repair
-Maintenance and Cleaning
-Stain Removal
-Lippage Removal
-Blemish Removal