The most important part of any home is the foundation. Without a solid foundation, your home will crumble and fall into the ground, risking the safety of your family. It’s for this reason that Shine Construction Ltd almost exclusively builds new home foundations out of concrete blocks.

Block Foundations And Walls

Why does Shine Construction Ltd only do block foundations? Concrete block foundations are much stronger and more durable than cinder block and poured concrete building foundations. block foundations offer a wide range of benefits over poured concrete foundations including


poured concrete foundations can settle in their forms causing the building to spend extra time and labor adjusting for the unevenness and poor top finish. Concrete block foundations are always level and provide almost no heat loss at the sill plate.

No More Forms

with a concrete block foundation or wall, the size and shape is not determined by a form. Instead, the builder can create custom sizes and shapes to meet the needs of the customers.

Easier To Insulate

concrete block has a much better “R” and “U” factor than poured concrete, making it easier to insulate. This means that with a concrete block wall, the home will be much warmer in the winter without homeowners having to turn up the heat. Also, concrete block walls breath which can save a lot of time during the construction process as they are ready to build on once they are set. A poured concrete foundation takes much longer to dry once poured and they can sweat.


concrete block foundations and walls are easily repairable and repairs can be done quickly and inexpensively. Cracks or leaks in poured concrete walls can be time intensive and expensive to repair.